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Face Mask Ear Saver hook band in fall colors- set of 5 - 3d printed pla - 6 3/4 inches long

On sale: $8.00
Part Number:Ear-Saver-Fall-set
  • 5 pack:Assorted fall colors (colors may vary from image)
  • 3D Printed:3D Printed with plant based plastic
  • Face mask strap holder:Reliefs sores from wearing a mask and helps with fit
Sore ears from wearing a face mask? 
Or does your mask not fit quite right? 

Try these 3D Printed mask straps with multiple positions for just the right fit.

3D Printing is an art process that uses Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD) to create a multi-dimensional object, convert it to a code that the printer reads to melt Plastic at a high temperature, and "draw" the design in micro millimeter layers to form an object.

The Plastic used is PLA. PLA a biodegradable, recyclable plastic derived from renewable resources like corn starch and sugar cane.  It will soften or melt in temperatures above 100 F  and is not meant for outdoor use.

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